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Lennox 2 Stage Heat Pump

The Lennox 2 Stage heat pump offers two Stage heating elements that use two different types of coolers to create a three-stage heating process, the Lennox heat pump renders a coolant temperature range from the coldest (paraffin) to the hottest (hot wax).

Lennox 2 Stage Heat Pump Amazon

The Lennox 2 Stage heat pump features two sets of dual-stage heating and cooling fins which help to keep your home at a temperature which is comfortable and healthy, the heat pump also extends a comfortable top-and-bottom design which makes it facile to use. The Lennox heat pump is likewise energy efficient and extends a will-ing to keep warm status led which will show when you want to get your home to hours at 50 degrees fahrenheit, this Lennox 2 Stage heat pump extends both Stage heating and cooling capabilities. It renders a middle Stage that is temperature adjustable, and a final Stage that is capable of reaching its maximum heat output, the Lennox heat pump gives a blue and orange color scheme that will stand out in any room. The Lennox aprilaire thermostat dual-stage heating cooling is unrivalled for two Stage heating and cooling applications, it features two heat pumps that are connected by a coolant pipe. The first Stage heat pump is connected to the hot side of the cooler, while the second Stage heat pump is connected to the cold side of the cooler, this heat pump provides a split personality; it is can be used for daily heating and cooling, but it is moreover designed to provide protection against cold weather. The pump creates a dual Stage heating and cooling system, which means that you can forget about your coolant theorem.